[VIDEO] The Mental Training System for MMA Fighters

The video playlist below will give you some background story on who I am, how I developed The System I use to help my fighters mentally train to win.

Hey I’m Jeff Jordan, Mental Coach, Hypnotist and Martial Artist. In this video playlist above I’m going to give you some background story on me and how I developed The Mental Training System my fighters use to win.

6 years ago that I was living in Las Vegas, training at Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu for a jiujitsu tournament and I injured my knee, tore my meniscus. I got an MRI and chose surgery.

But before I had surgery I just knew I could somehow affect the healing process in my knee if I could visualize my body healing. So I found a hypnotist to help me to practice visualizing myself healing before and after the surgery.
It really helped and I become instantly fascinated with hypnosis.

I was very lucky living in Vegas to be around some world class hypnotists and I took course after course, practiced and took more courses and practiced more and started helping people achieve health goals, achieve financial goals. And that was very rewarding.

So I’ve put these key habits into The System and I want to share some recent results from clients who have been using The System.

My client Top Ranked UFC Flyweight Ben Nguyen and I started working together about 8 weeks prior to him winning his fight against a super tough opponent at UFC Melbourne.

He said this in the octagon after his win,

“This was the best I’ve performed…
Big Thanks to my mental coach Jeff Jordan…
he really helped me prep for this fight.”

Do you want to know what we did?

We used The System.

Here’s The Ultimate Fighter 19 Veteran Tim “The South Jersey Strangler” Williams said after winning his Xtreme Caged Combat Middleweight Championship belt

“Hey Jeff Jordan had my mind right tonight! Thank you for everything, a mental game plan to a fight can help you come out on point and ready to go. Tonight I started ready and sharp.”

That was Tim’s 4th win in a row.

Guess what we did.

We used The System.

So that’s a little background story on me and how I developed The System. You can see these and more results at fightbrain.com/results.

In my next video I’m going to make you an offer.

And I want to give you a clear promise for this offer so that you can decide if you want to pay the price for these kinds of results.

The System is Launching December 2016…

Sign up at fightbrain.com/TheSystem

Jeff Jordan
MMA Mental Coach


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