[VIDEO] Feel Confident Now


A fighter’s ability to feel confident can be the difference between winning and losing.

In this quick video I’m going to teach you how to instantly feel confident right now.

And if you stick around I’ll show you how to anchor those feelings of confidence and begin to condition your nervous system to feel confident anytime you want.

I’ll also be adding this video to the fight brain members area as a bonus exercise to The Mental Training System you can learn there.

Alright, here’s the fastest way to experience feelings of confidence and begin to condition your nervous system to feel confident at your command. This process requires full use of your imagination so don’t go any further unless you’re ready to fully use your imagination now.

The first step if for you to remember a time when you felt ultimately confident.
You can remember a time when you felt confident from a previous win in your career.
You can remember a time when you felt confident in training or sparring.
You can simply remember a time you felt confident from a personal achievement in your life.
The truth is, it doesn’t matter where these feelings of confidence come from,
just as long as you can remember feeling confident at that time now.
So remember that time when you felt ultimately confident.
Got it? Good.

The next step is for you to remember all the sensory information from that time you felt confident.
So remember everything you saw in that moment, the environment, those images, the people, the faces, the surroundings, the visual cues.
Remember everything you heard at that moment, the sounds, voices, noises.
And now this might sound weird but to incorporate all of your senses fully if you can remember what you smelled at that moment remember that too.
And finally remember everything you felt at that moment, the sensations, your expression, your posture, your breathing, your full experience of confidence in that moment.
Ok got it? Good.

So now, I’ll bet you’re already feeling more confident now, am I right?

Well you should be because if you’ve been engaged in this process so far we just had you imagine your own experience of feeling confident.


In a moment, I’m going to have you close your eyes, recall all that sensory information, relive those feelings of confidence, go fully into that experience and anchor that experience to a physical gesture and/or phrase.

Now your physical gesture can be something like squeezing your fists and a word like DOMINATE or simple phrase like I’M THE BEST that you say to yourself out loud or internally.

So choose your anchor now. Physical gesture, and word or phrase.

Got it? Good.


Here’s how the process works.
In a moment I’ll ask you to remember that experience of feeling confident, all the sensory information, I’ll have you build those feelings up to their maximum intensity and just when that experience is at it’s peak you’re going to set your anchor by making that physical gesture and repeating that word or phrase.

Ready? Good.

Let’s begin.
Take a deep breath and as you exhale close your eyes.
That’s it, eyes closed.

Now, remember that time if your life when you felt ultimately confident. Imagine that experience now.
See everything you saw, remember seeing those images, now.
Hear everything you heard, remember hearing those sounds, now.
Smell everything you smelled, remember smelling that scents, now.
Feel everything you felt, remember feeling those feelings of confidence, now.
Go all the way into that experience, now.

Make that sensory information bigger, brighter, louder, more vidid, more intense.
Feel those feelings of confidence more fully, more completely, more intensely now.
And just when you’ve built that experience up to it’s most intense,
set your anchor by making that physical gesture and repeating that phrase to yourself, now.

That’s it.

Now open your eyes.


Let’s test our work.

Take another deep breath now and as you exhale allow your eyes to close.

Now, fire off your anchor and feel those feelings of confidence now.

Did it work?

Let me know your experience in the comments section and PRACTICE this exercise repeatedly until you’ve set a strong enough anchor that you can fire if off anytime you want to feel confident.

If you found this exercise useful please share it.

Thank you,

Jeff Jordan
Mental Coach

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