MMA Mental Coach Jeff Jordan will continue teaching The Fighters Mental Game Plan system to fighters and martial arts competitors in the United States, Ireland and Europe from November 2016 through March 2017.  This system is currently helping MMA fighters around the world in the UFC, One Championship, Jiu-Jitsu competitors, boxers and combat sport athletes create an unfair mental advantage over their competition, to win. If you want to offer this high performance level of mental skills coaching to your students, competition teams and Champions, fill out the seminar request form below. See coaching testimonials below.


  • November 25-29 in Chicago – TBA
  • December Ireland & UK – TBA
  • March 2017 Amsterdam – TBA


Here’s what Rick McCoy of MMA Institute in Richmond Virginia said about the seminar in June 2016.

Jeff Jordan Mental Coach and Rick McCoy owner of MMA InstituteBeing a long time coach of MMA and BJJ competitors, I have always had to deal with the phenomenon I like to call “gym heroes and cage zeroes.” Seeing very skilled athletes not able to perform under pressure or in competition. Always being aware of how important the mental aspect of competition is but not being able to figure out a system for mental preparation that would fit the majority of the athletes. Thanks to Jeff Jordan, I now have a new secret weapon available to my competitors. Fight Brain is the one thing my team has been missing. True mental training for the combat athlete. If you or your team are looking for a competitive edge I highly recommend Jeff Jordan and Fight Brain! – Rick McCoy, owner of MMA Institute 

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